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16 Tips For Your Long Train Ride

16 Tips For Your Long Train Ride

Traveling by train is a great experience. You get to see the countryside and travel in reasonable comfort. As an avid train rider, I will share some of my tips and tricks with you so you can get the most out of your train trip.

1. Bring a pillow and blanket. The seats on a train are normally comfortable. Bring your favorite pillow and and your favorite fleece blanket. You may also find a really good travel size pillow and blanket to bring with you.

2. Pack headphones and an eye mask. You may even want earplugs to block out the sounds of other people, train noise and crying babies.

3. Download ebooks or possibly audiobooks. Some devices will even allow you to download movies or your favorite tv shows so you can watch, listen or read while you are traveling.  You may also download games that do not need internet to play. In case your train does not have wifi


4. Make sure your electronics are fully charged. You may not be able to find an outlet on the train.  Don’t expect there to be an outlet in the observation car. Or enjoy your travel by simply unplugging, use it as an opportunity to just watch the landscape.


5. Don’t check your luggage. There is enough room in the overhead storage for your suitcase, also pack smartly, avoid over packing.

6. Bring your own snacks. You can buy meals on the train but the food may be a bit pricey for what you are getting. Load up on snacks that are travel friendly. Consider healthy non refrigerated snacks

7. Wear comfortable but sensible shoes.

8. Bring wet wipes and toilet tissue. Some trains will have them, others may not but the train will be running low by the time the ride is over

9. Check out the other car. Your coach car may have a small bathroom but other cars may be larger, can even search for a bigger handicap bathroom

10. Consider a sleeper car. It may be worth the extra money to sleep more comfortably.

11. Ask for a discount. Train companies normally don’t offer sleepers for a discounted fee but don’t be afraid to ask, you may get a good deal on one

12. Invite your friends. Sleeper cars get cheaper the more people you have in them.  Invite friends to share the cost, it may be a tight fit so chose your closest friends

13. Bring enough bottled water.

14. Bring a change of clothing. You may want to change in something more comfortable when night time approaches

15. If there is an extra seat, use it. During slow train season, if there is an extra seat, use it.  Stretch out and enjoy your sleep

16. Get to the observation deck. If your car is full, head to the observation car right before nighttime and pretend to be asleep you probably won’t be kicked out.

There are many ways to enjoy your train ride in comfort. Once a train is moving, they are pretty flexible. As long as you are not disturbing other passengers, just go for it. You may find that train travel is the way to go. You have all the comfort of a plane and all the views of an automobile.


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