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Why Couples Should Travel Together Often

Why Couples Should Travel Together Often

No doubt you've heard the adage The couple that adventures together stays together.  After 5 years of traveling together, we couldn't agree more. Mike and I try to prioritize having experiences over accumulating stuff and I credit the strength of our relationship to our commitment to keep things interesting with more travel. Now as we plan for a family (ICYMI, I'm 6 months pregnant), move into a bigger place and all of the extra stuff (and expenses) that comes with having a baby, we know we'll have to work extra hard to adapt our lives and finances so that we can still take trips together. Luckily for us, we are on the same page about how important it is not only for our marriage but for our family to continue experiencing the world together.

There are SO many reasons why couples should travel together often, but here are a few of our favorites: 

1. You Become Best Friends

When you remove the distractions of work, family, errands, and just LIFE and set out on an adventure together, you get to rediscover all those little eccentricities that drew you to each other in the first place. Maybe he is a foodie who appreciates finding the best kept secret restaurant in each town you travel to. Or maybe she is a linguist who eloquently speaks French like a native which you're in Paris. Either way, you generally get to experience who your SO is at that core when you're both out of your daily routine. 

2. You Always Have Something to Look Forward To

My husband loves to do this thing when we're several weeks from a vacation where he reminds me everyday how many more days it is till we leave. While it can get a little monotonous, it's also  really endearing and reminds me that the quality time we spend planning our vacations together - dreaming of the days we'll spend on the beach drinking our cocktails out of giant pineapples or carefully curating our days sightseeing - is just as special and relevant as the time we spend actually on vacation together. 

3. You Gain Priceless Shared Memories 

I can't tell you the number of inside jokes and special you-had-to-be-there kind of memories that my husband and I now share from trips we've taken together. From the seedy taxi driver who broke my suitcase in Rome, or the time we accidentally ordered beef tartare in France not realizing we'd be getting raw meat, these are the kinds of experiences you simply can't put a price tag on and give your relationship a special flare. 

4. You Can Act Like Big Kids Together

If you can't rediscover your childhood innocence on vacation, then when can you really? Traveling with your SO gives you the opportunity to let loose, be a little silly, try something new that you would NEVER do at home. Better yet, try it together. It's sure to make for an interesting story later if nothing else. 

5. You Learn How to Problem Solve Together

The very nature of traveling requires that you navigate new territory together, which can teach you a lot about teamwork. Whether you're trying to come up with a budget for your trip, or you're lost and need to work together to find your way back to the hotel, if you travel long enough with your SO, discourse will arise for you at some point, and the best (and often only) way to get around it is to put your heads together. You're both in the maze together, how do you get to the cheese?


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