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Museum Monday: Newseum in Washington DC

Museum Monday: Newseum in Washington DC

Rainy travel days can be a little hectic, especially if you're in a major metropolitan area, but they're also the best time to visit museums! On our recent trip to the east coast, we spent an entire day at DC's interactive Newseum while it was pouring outside. With 7 floors of exhibits, you'll find some of the most interesting moments in media history.  Below are just a few of the highlights that we recommend from the museum:

Newseum - In Tote

Berlin Wall

Few people may have actually experienced the Berlin Wall coming down in real time, but anyone can visit the museum to see all that remains of the artifact that divided a country. The wall is more colorful than I would have expected, it's interesting to see the difference in the west Berlin side compared to the east side which was mostly blank. Equally astonishing are the videos detailing gruesome history of the wall alongside the tower (also on display) that stood high above detaining any who dared to climb it. 

News History Gallery

Every major headline since the beginning of newspapers is included in this one room. Okay, maybe not EVERY one, but close. See the front page story of the assassination of Jesse James of how the media covered the sinking of the Titanic. Designers will also appreciate the visual evolution of print media from shifting typography and color images to what was considered 'news'.

'Inside Today's FBI'

Ever been curious how the bureau fights terrorism and cybercrime? Go behind the scenes with the FBI to explore how crime-fighting has evolved post 9/11. The exhibit also has some novelty artifacts such as the shoes worn by the 'shoe bomber' who attempted to blow up an American Airlines flight in 2001 and some everyday household items (doorbells, alarm clocks, etc) used to make triggering devices for explosives. 

9/11 Gallery

No matter how many times you've seen the videos, or how well you remember the stories, reliving the story of 9/11 is an absolute tear jerker. Sponsored by Comcast, this exhibit is both emotional and informative, consisting of a wall of every major newspaper that covered the terrorist attacks as well as video clips from news stations. Note to visitors and my future self: if you're pregnant, and your husband is a fire-fighter, maybe skip this one (sniffles).

Interactive Newsroom

Hope you're ready for your close-up, Katie Couric! This is your chance to play talking-head for an afternoon. The Interactive Newsroom gives visitors a chance to play the role of a reporter or photographer. Kids and adults alike will love testing their skills on reporting an accurate and timely story on camera - trust us, it's tougher than it looks! 

Have you been to the Newseum? What were your favorite exhibits? Share in the comments below.

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