Hey, we are Robyn & Mike!

What We're About

There's an undeniable power in getting outside of your comfort zone and discovering new places. It makes us more understanding, tolerant and curious about our cultural differences. It can also teach you a TON about who you are and even more about the person (or people) you travel with. Who you bring along with you significantly impacts the experience you have - this is true both in travel and in life. In Tote is as much an exploration of our personal journey (marriage, starting a family, etc) as it is about the trips, hacks, and travel inspiration we pick up along the way and share with all of you! 

About Robyn

I recently left my job in tech to work freelance as a digital marketer and content strategist, and to build In Tote!! I learned the value of visiting new places, meeting different people, and exploring other cultures at an early age. In my 32 years on this planet, I've walked the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, spent a weekend alone in New Orleans, sailed the South Pacific on a catamaran (twice), moved across country with little more than a mustang full of clothes, drove from Houston to Nashville on a whim, sat front row at New York Fashion Week, left a little piece of my heart in Paris, and I'm nowhere near done! Now, every chance I get, I'm discovering a new place or falling in love all over again with somewhere I've been before ... all with my hubby in tote

About Mike

Mike is an LA city fireman who grew up in Malibu, CA. As a kid, he'd spend summers road tripping with his family around the country. He learned to ski before he could walk and has surfed most of his life. Before our honeymoon in Europe, he had never been out of the country. Now he's officially caught the travel bug and we're determined to see as much of this world together as we possibly can! While I'm the art history lover and could spend hours in a museum, Mike prefers historic architecture and old buildings, which makes us ideal travel companions. We're also active travelers, you can frequently find us hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, SUPing, riding bikes, and finding every cool new way to explore our surroundings. Also, you should know that Mike is SUPER camera shy.  So anytime you see him in a photo, know that it took some prodding (and at times brute force) to get him there. 

How We Met

I'm convinced we have the most unusual story in the world. In October 2011, Mike and I met at a fashion show (LA Fashion Week to be exact), that was held at a repurposed cathedral in Downtown Los Angeles called the Vibiana. I can't decide what is stranger, that we met at a fashion show or that we met in a church. Anyways, at the time, I was working for a fashion tech company, so I was attending the show for work. Mike, on the other hand, was in his fireman turnouts with his coworker too (curiously) and apparently they were on a call nearby that was cancelled, saw the crowd of people lined up to attend the show, and decided to "check things out". I noticed him from afar (let's be honest, they kind of stood out) and said to my coworker, "That fireman is cute!" Like any good wing-woman would do, she decided to embarrass me by asking Mike if I could take a picture with him.  We then began a very short and awkward conversation which ended with me tossing my business card to him and running away (spitting major game, I know). He called 3 days later, and we've been inseparable since then.

We hope this blog inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow us on social media!

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